Women’s Satsang

parvati-deviDear friends

Thursday 18thApril – A Satsang For Women

An intimate inquiry into our experiences of the feminine deities we worship at Navaratri.

We will sing mantras together, share our experiences with each other and support each other to deepen our felt sense of how Lakshmi, Kali,Durga, & Saraswati (and others?) vibrate within us, and how we call on them for support within our daily lives.

Aarti will be sung at 6pm for those that want to join in.

Then we will begin a circle at 7pm ending at 9/9.30pm for chai and more informal sharing.

We suggest that we save our chatting time until the end to support us going deeper with each other.

This is by suggested donation £5-10.                                                                                                                                             

This could possibly be the beginning of an ongoing monthly women’s group

Tel: 01392 811 108





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