Minutes of Committee Meeting 15 October 2014

Minutes of Committee Meeting 15 October 2014
Held on Skype

The meeting was opened with the Shanti mantra.

Radha, Gayatri, Patsy, Gargi

Enoch, Stewart

Minutes of last committee meeting
Following checks on action points, the minutes of 3.8.2014 were approved and signed.

Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

Chairperson report
Gargi was welcomed to the Committee, following her co-option.
The sale of Haccadown is progressing, but slowly due to shortage of staff working on searches in Exeter.
A final havan and closing of the dhuni took place last weekend as planned.
Habiba and Gayatri continue to organise dispersal of the house and barn contents.

Secretary’s report
Gayatri confirmed the sale is progressing smoothly.

Patsy asked for thanks to be minuted to Habiba and Gayatri for organising the sale and clearance of Haccadown.

Treasurer’s report
The Co-op account balance was £12,396 at 1.10.2014, CAF account £10,144 at 30.9.2014.

Financial matters
Radha clarified that there are three different ‘pots of money’ that we need to look after:

a) The temple tent fund:
Durgadas has been in touch with individual committee members to explore the possibility of using this money to develop a temple on his land. Enoch as Treasurer will need a document signed by all surviving members of the group who transferred this money into HSUK’s bank account, before it can be released. Radha has asked Durgadas to summarise a proposal for how the money would be spent. The committee felt it’s important that Kanchan is happy with any plan for using the money. Also clarity is needed for the accounts.
Enoch to contact the temple tent team re paperwork/signatures.
Action Enoch

b) Interest from investment of proceeds from sale of Haccadown:
Following investment, there ought to be an annual pot of interest which can be spent on projects furthering Babaji’s teachings, and applications will be encouraged, particularly from the members.
It was noted that we need to put the proceeds money into several accounts as only £85K is guaranteed in each. Action; Enoch

c) Donations and membership fees (money in Co-op account):
Radha suggested a separate account for this pot of money, as it doesn’t need to be invested, and can be used at any time (at least after Hacadown is sold) for projects which further the teachings of Babaji, and the Sanatan Dharma. Enoch could probably give a forecast of how much that amounts to per annum? As with the sale proceeds, all members’ ideas for the use of this money will be sought. Action: Enoch, ALL

Legal matters
Sale of Haccadown
The solicitors are in the process of drawing up a contract. As soon as more is known Gayatri will email the committee with details. Action: Gayatri

It is important to get an article on the website to inform all that the ashram is now closed. Radha will compose something and circulate. Action: Radha
An email will go to members and ex-members (from the last 10 years) with an update on developments at Haccadown, and inviting their input and involvement for the Samaj’s future direction. Draft to be circulated to committee. Action: Radha, Patsy
Gayatri to get a list of members and ex-members together and circulate to Committee. Action: Gayatri

Sale of Haccadown
Radha expressed concern in case delay in the sale of Gayatri’s flat in Exeter may jeopardise the sale of Haccadown.
[Note:Gayatri has assured the committee this will not happen, and that if necessary she will move out of the annexe before the flat is sold.]
Gayatri will inform committee of details when known. Action:Gayatri

House contents
Clearing is going well. Habiba is willing to return from Stroud if necessary to help complete the process.

Havan closure ceremony
The weekend of 11 and 12 October saw the closing of the dhuni. It was an extremely shanti fire on Saturday, very calm, no smoke, very peaceful. Radha, Habiba, Katrina, Gilly, Stewart and Gayatri were present. On Sunday the firepit was filled in with soil, flowers and perfume whilst the healing mantra was continually chanted – Radha, Habiba, Gayatri and Robin were there. Special thanks to Robin for spending time sifting soil for the filling in, to rescue the earthworms. Once that was done, the surround was taken apart, leaving the ground level. Some were worried about this being an extremely tough job, the bricks having been fired so many times and thus being very hard indeed. As it happened, there was no mortar round the bricks and they were easily lifted, again, all very gentle, very calm. Thanks were given to the Universe on both days for experiences, opportunities and blessings we have received whilst being at Haccadown.

Any other business
Signed minutes to be put on website. Action Gayatri

Date of next meeting
Wednesday, 3 December 2014 at 7pm on Skype. Action: ALL

Bhole Baba ki Jai

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Chair HSUK Date
3 December 2014

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