Babaji Related Web Sites – UK Babaji – A site full of more general information about Babaji maintained by Rangnath. Unite In Fire – Contemporary poetry by Babaji devotee and fire pujari Jaishankar Hill


Babaji Related Web Sites – International Babaji Calling – This is an introduction of how to get to the Indian Ashram. Worth a look 🙂 Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham – Haidakhan is a universal pilgrimage centre and serves as a place of spiritual purification, healing and education, based upon the teachings of Shree Babaji Haidakhandi Samaj – International web site of the Haidakhandi Samaj Babaji Calling! – A beautifully created web site ” Which way to Haidakhan Vishwamahadam” created to help people get to Haidakhan. Loaded with photos, information & inspiration! Haidakhandi Shiva Dham – Lilleoru Spiritual Community, Estonia Ashram WEL – The Belgian ashram Babaji – Our brother and sister devotees in Poland Mahaparbuji Ashram – Russian devotees web site (In Russian) Omkar Shiva Dham – Russian devotees web site (In Russian) – Shiva Avatar – Slovenian devotees web site Bhole Baba ki Jai!! – Dutch devotees web site American Haidakhan Samaj – The American Haidakhan Samaj is a spiritual service community inspired by Haidakhan Baba. Their mission is to practice, share, and promote Babaji’s teachings of truth, simplicity and love. – A repository for teachings and media, and an online ashram; a worldwide community of people who share, exchange and offer service to humanity in a myriad of different ways – Haidakhandi Universal Ashram & Maha Lakshmi Shop (USA) Centre of Unity – Schweibenalp in Switzerland was founded in 1982 on behalf of the great teacher Sri Haidakhan Baba by Dr. Sundar Robert Dreyfus, Fredy Aly und Sylvia Bollag. Bhole Babaji Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre – A charitable hospital created by Babaji devotees at Chilianaula, near Ranikhet, in India Haidakhandi Spiritual Centre – Hungarian devotees web site. Haidakhandi Love Centre – Haidakhandi Love Center is a place where the people of all religions, faiths and cultural paradigms meet. It is situated in heart of Slavonian plains, in Osijek The Ashram. Johannesburg – South Africa
The Ashram is a Spa and Healing Centre, set within a beautiful temple dedicated to Shiva Mahavatar Babaji. Bhole Baba Ashram – Germany
German ashram in Windeck-Rieferath. Babaji Azkoitia Ashram – Spain Spanish ashram web site.


Other Supported Web Sites Shekinashram – Ashram & Holistic Retreat Centre, Glastonbury, UK Divine Way of Spiritual Heart – Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of life. Methodology of spiritual development. The Tulsi Trust – A registered charity that is aiding, organising and fundraising for an Indian jungle health and education project